A little bit of history

Superlife was created in 2014 by two young designers: Edrris Gaaloul and Cyrille Verdon.

At the begining, Superlife office was in a forge left to Edrris by his father, in the old industrial warehouses of Leclanché in Yverdon-les-Bains. Transformed in office/Workshop, the place is occupied by impressive machines allowed the designers to come up with their project.

After designing objects for big furniture brand, in 2016 Superlife became in its own furniture house and started to create everyday furniture and ac- cessories that could change tomorrow’s lifestyle.

SUPERLIFE produces its objects in Switzerland to guarantee quality and efficient production. Even at the production stage, the company tries its best to keep a human and social attitude. For example, some of the suppliers are companies that employ disabled people.

Today, Superlife’s mission is to limit mass production by creating ob- jects that would never bore their owners. These are timeless objects, well designed and more functional and at an afford- able cost. The function is crucial in our vision because a more functional object is less likely to be replaced than a simple trendy product.

Edrris Gaaloul and Cyrille Verdon in 2014