SUPERLIFE EMPIRE - limited collection 17

Where does the myth end and where does reality begin? The boarder can sometimes be superfluous. That’s what you might think when discovering the new series of objects inspired by Star Wars, devised by the Swiss collective designers Superlife.

Soberly called “Superlife Empire”, the collection includes six objects that were directly inspired by George Lucas’s saga. It in- cludes an R2-D2 mirror, TIE fighter hooks, a Millennium Falcon table, a Chewbacca lamp, a laser sword candleholder and the centrepiece: a bench representing the most famous Sith Lord of the original trilogy, Darth Vader.

At first, they were displayed in the exhibition “Je suis ton père” (I am your father) in the Western Swiss museum La Maison d’Ail- leurs. There will be an order-based production of a maximum of 99 units per object. Superlife being faithful to their primary philosophy, their objects are once again and above all defined by their practicality. In this way, their nature remains suitable for everyday use even when it sends us directly to an imaginary world.