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About us

Our goal is to offer improved objects: better designed, functional, more lasting, in order to improve the daily life.

The collective SUPERLIFE was created in 2014 by two young swiss designers: Edrris Gaaloul and Cyrille Verdon. The two friends started to work together during their studies in ECAL (Art school in Lausanne). They both graduated with their Bachelor with honours in 2014. SUPERLIFE studio got settled in the forge left to Edrris by his father, in the old industrial warehouses of Leclanché in Yverdon les Bains. Transformed in office/workshop, the place is occupied by impressive machines and allows the designers to come up with their project. They work with very various materials such as metal, wood, plastic or plaster.

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+41 79 586 13 33
Av. de Grandson 48,
1400 Yverdon-les-Bains, Suisse

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