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Our goal is to offer better objects

"Do not do like the others" is the philosophy of SUPERLIFE. The young Swiss furnitures house constantly seeks to offer improved objects: better thought out, more functional, more durable and able to significantly improve everyday life.
Highly committed to quality and respect for the environment, SUPERLIFE objects are entirely designed by the younger generation of Swiss designers, who are always ready to challenge themselves and offer innovative ideas.

James stool

James is the perfect stool designed for the modern work environment. With its small tablet it can be used for work, for lunch or just for sit.

Chapiteau Lamp

chapiteau is a pendant light inspired by the circus world who perfectly fit with your interior. The design, makes look light and thanks to a little switch, you can easily turn on/turn off your lamp directly on it.

Octave Table

The octave table is the best coffee table to take your coffee (okay also your cup of tea).

Funambulb Lamp

Inspired by the techniques of chandlery, its long cable allows it to be moved or hung very easily in an interior and offers plenty of different options. By making knots, you can simply make it fit with the elements of your room.


Penelope is the new way to effectively put away clothes while at the same time saving space by creating an adaptable wardrobe


Babar is a practical stool that has multiple uses. He can be used as a seat, to store books or even as a small table


Liana is a pot stand with an evolving system of tutor which support the plant when she grow.
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